Bike Friday Haul-A-Day
With its unique adjustable-frame, folding design, the Haul-A-Day is in a league of its own among long-tail cargo bikes. Lighter and more compact than other bikes of its kind, it’s a great choice for commuters who also carry kids, groceries, or other freight! Freestanding upright storage means you can keep a lot of bike in just a little space, and the adjustable frame makes it easy to share with friends and family.
Yuba Spicy Curry
A low center of gravity and sturdy, step-over aluminum frame make the Spicy Curry one of the most stable, comfy cargo bikes around. Electrified with a powerful Bosch motor and fully equipped for any urban destination along with anything (or anyone!) you want to take there, this thoughtfully designed e-cargo bike will meet the needs of the most serious haulers and busiest families.
Xtracycle RFA
The RFA stands for “Ready For Anything,” which says it all about this mid-size haul-it-all machine. Carry one or two kids, groceries and more. Load up knowing you can whiz past traffic and climb hills without breaking a sweat thanks to the smooth, reliable Bosch Performance motor.
Xtracycle Swoop
With all the practicality of the ubiquitous minivan—minus the emissions—the Swoop is a sustainable, reliable way to get you and your cargo around town. Go electric with the addition of Bosch Performance motor and zip from work to school, from market to park and back home again with energy and time to spare.
Surly Big Dummy
With hauling capacity up to 400lbs, The Big Dummy is a great replacement for a family or business vehicle. Cut down on your carbon footprint and have fun in the process with this durable, thoughtfully designed, high-quality workhorse from one of the most reliable names in bikes.
Bike Friday Ever-E-Day

A light, sporty electric cargo bike, The Ever-E-Day is a great choice for the commuter, parent, adventure cyclist or retiree. Designed to maximize hauling power without sacrificing convenience and agility, this bike is unique among e-cargo designs. The compact frame adjust to fit most adults in a few quick minutes and stores upright, making it perfect for families with small spaces but big biking dreams.
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