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Bike Fitting

Most ‘off-the-rack’ bikes are not very well tailored to the people riding them. You only touch your bike with your feet, seat, and hands, but a poorly fitted bike can hurt you all over! Fortunately there are a lot of options for moving or changing these contact points according to what works best for you. That’s what bike fitting is about – assessing your body and your riding style and setting the bike up so that it works well for you.

If you are a casual cyclist, a properly fitted bike means a more comfortable, stable, and efficient experience on the road. This keeps you safe, boosts your confidence, and makes riding much more enjoyable. For more serious riders, the improved handling and power transfer of a well-fitted bike will help you avoid injury and allow you to go further, faster.

Ultimately, everyone has a lot more fun on a bike that fits. Sidesaddle offers two types of fit:

Comfort Fit - $159 (flat bar) / $199 (Drop Bar)

  • For beginners, recreational cyclists, and casual commuters

  • Assess saddle height, fore-aft, and tilt

  • Assess handlebar reach, height, and width

  • Explore options for improved comfort at contact points: pedals, saddle, grip

Cleat Set-up within fit- $30

  • Assess fore-aft and radial cleat position 

  • Set up new cleats or adjust existing pair

Performance Fit - $229

  • For long-distance commuters, competitive cyclists, tourers, and dedicated riders of all disciplines

  • Assess positions all contact points

  • Full analysis of body angles for efficiency, sustainability and performance

  • Includes cleat set up

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