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Saddle Library FAQ

Do I really need a different saddle?

The easiest way to tell is if you're experiencing discomfort during or after riding. 

If you find yourself leaning on your hands to take pressure off your butt as you ride, pushing back or shifting forward to get more comfortable, slipping sideways, or experiencing chafing or soft tissue pain, it's probably time for a new saddle.

If you're not comfy on your bike, you might also benefit from a bike fit. The saddle is just one factor in riding comfort, and the style and position of the other contact points on a bike (handlebars and pedals) also make a big difference. Learn more about bike fits here.

How will I know which saddle is best for me?

Every body is different, and every person's comfort is unique. When you come to shop for saddles, we'll go over the designs and features of the saddles we carry, but the only way to determine which one is best for your anatomy and riding style is to try it on the road. We can't accept returns on saddles, so it's important to make a selection that feels good. That's why we offer the Saddle Library!

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes please! We want to make sure that there's time to help you find the best saddle option available, so please go to our booking page and make an appointment to come in and try out the library whenever works best for you.

How long can I try out each saddle?

You can test ride a saddle for up to an hour, plenty of time to give you a good sense of how it feels. However, we cannot lend out saddles overnight, so please come in at least an ninety minutes before the shop closes if you think you'd like to take a long test ride.

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