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Tune Up Packages

basic Tune Up – $119

Wash frame, clean rims and true wheels, clean and lube drivetrain, adjust brakes and shifting, adjust bearing assemblies, replace worn chain or cassette, ensure all bolts and accessory mounts are tight, and inflate tires. Installations of new brake pads, cables, or tubes within a Basic Tune Up are discounted 50%.

Advanced Tune Up – $169

Everything included in a Tune Up, plus free installation of new cables & housing, brake pads, tires, bar wrap or grips. Buy your new bar wrap from us and get $10 off the price of the wrap.

Renewal Service – $279

A complete overhaul – we’ll lovingly take your bike apart down to the frame, clean everything, and put it back together with fresh grease, bearings, cables and other parts as required. Doing this periodically will help your bike last a really long time, and afterwards it will ride better than the day you got it.

Prices below are for tune labour only. Every bike and every rider are unique, and you will likely need some parts and additional small (or not so small) jobs to be done. We will provide a detailed estimate for you to approve or decline before we start work.


Every bike is different. The final cost of your service depends on the cost of parts for your particular bike, and how many of those parts need replacing. An annual tune for a well-used commuter bike usually comes in around $400-$600. A basic service on a seawall cruiser can cost as little at $200, and a major overhaul on a specialist bike can exceed $1000.


Your estimate will include a full parts list with pricing, and we will provide multiple options where possible. 

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