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Finding your next bike

Finding a new bike is a big deal for seasoned cyclists and first-time riders alike. At Sidesaddle, our priority is to make sure your new bike is comfortable, fun, and will meet your needs in the long term. 


We go about this a little differently from other shops. Whether you have a specific bike in mind or just want to check out your options, there are a few steps we take to ensure we find you the perfect ride. When you come bike shopping at Sidesaddle, we will:

1) Ask a few questions about what you're looking for

2) Show you which of our bikes we think would fit the bill, and

3) Take your basic body measurements


Within 20 minutes we have a sense of what you need, and you're free to go! 


While you're gone, we'll enter your measurements into our bike fit software, which confirms the frame size and geometry that will be ideal for your proportions. Using those results and the rest of the information you've provided, we can narrow your search down to two or three best options and email you a shortlist of bikes that are right for your body, budget, and cycling dreams.


Take your time with those options, ask us any questions that come up, and when you're ready, book an appointment to come back for some test rides.


When you buy a bike from us, it comes with half-price fitting services for life. Our bodies and riding habits change over time, and we're happy to continue tailoring your bike to those changes for as long as you have it. 

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