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Pitlock Pit Stopper Set

Pitlock Pit Stopper Set
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What is that ?

The PIT stopper is a small stainless steel cone with an internal thread (important for opening) that is mounted in the hexagon socket opening of the screw on the bike. This blocks access with standard Allen keys. The unlocking screw with a special thread (included in the set) is required for opening/removing.


2 PIT Stopper, 1 removal screw


Stainless steel Pit Stopper with internal thread. Removal screw.


Anti-theft device for all bicycle components fastened with standardized hexagon socket screws. To position it, it is best to tap the narrower side (conical shape) into the hexagon socket hole with a rubber mallet. Due to this shape, it "widens" in the hexagon socket hole of the screw and cannot be removed again without the associated unlocking screw, which has a special thread. To remove the pit stopper, screw the unlocking screw into the pit stopper until it pulls it out like a bottle cork. The hexagon socket hole and the PIT stopper remain unharmed.

Available for the following sizes of standard hexagon socket heads (wrench size): M5, M6 and M8

Dos and Don'ts to make it more difficult for thieves to succeed


  • Always mark your bicycle.
  • Always lock your bicycle (even in hallways) to a sturdy object (a wooden garden fence, e.g. would not be very suitable...).
  • Always choose carefully where you want to park your bicycle, it will determine its fate.
  • Always look for a crowded place that is lit brightly to park your bicycle, e.g. in front of the nearest pub. The same applies to railway and bus stations.
  • Always use all of the locking devices (PITLOCK security, caps, bars etc.) available.
  • Always make sure to let the locking mechanism point downwards and leave as little space as possible between the lock and the bike, so the thief will not have any direct access to it.
  • Always make sure to park and lock your bicycle in an upright position without giving the thief a chance to lay it down.
  • Always shorten the PITLOCK axle as much as possible, so it will not stick out too much.


  • Never park your bicycle near locations that tell the thief for how long the bike will be left unattended. One example would be outside of a cinema. Here thieves can be certain to have time until the ending of the movie.
  • Try to avoid parking your bike outsides overnight.
  • A wheel lock is not secure enough, even if you are only absent for a short time. Consider purchasing the PITLOCK backups that will secure your removable bicycle parts.
  • Never put the lock close to the ground, since that position makes it easier for thieves to smash it open with a hammer.
  • Never leave any tools with your bicycle! Although these will be helpful when having a flat tire etc., but they will also be helpful for thieves.
  • Never leave your PITLOCK key with your bike.

Secure your removable bicycle parts, such as the wheels, the seat, the ahead system and the brakes with PITLOCK, so that the valuable individual parts are also secured against theft.

We would be happy to receive additional hints from you.

The PITLOCK standard axles replace customary quick releases and are suitable for most bicycles. Racing bikes are special and not a standard. Since race bikes are thinner it results that the axles protrude unfortunately.

Even though we offer a broad range of several axle lengths, we are not able to cover all sizes. At best you measure the axle first, or you contact us for our advice.

The axle thread can only be shortened with the help of a hacksaw.

Attention: Please be very careful when shortening the axle.

In case the axle thread protrudes the security rings for approximately 5 mm it is possible to install our elegant end caps.

A saddle axle SA 33 with closure weighs approximately 25 gr.

A front wheel axle VA 119 with closure weighs approximately 41 gr.

TA rear wheel axle HA 155 with closure weighs approximately 47 gr.

A Pit key weighs approximately 11 gr.

A set 02 with packing weighs approximately 176 gr.


PIT Stopper by PITLOCK

Theft protection for all Allen screws on your bike and more..... hexagon socket fuse - bike part protection

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
M5 (wrench size = 4mm) 4260377561955 PSM0521 210000015079
M8 (wrench size = 6 mm)
M10 (wrench size = 8mm)