Bike shopping from home

Despite social distancing and other changes in our day-to-day routines, finding the perfect bike is as important as ever. Maybe even more so! 

Sidesaddle's goal has always been to match you with a bike that will be comfortable, fun, and meet your needs in the long term.
 By moving parts of the bike shopping process from in-store to online, we can meet those goals with minimal social contact. 

Getting Started

Tell us your hopes, dreams, must-haves, and deal-breakers by taking the New Bike Survey. The survey also includes your basic body measurements. Feel free to skip any sections you aren't sure about yet.

With that info we can narrow your search down to two or three best options and email you a shortlist of bikes that are right for your body, budget, and cycling style.


Take your time with those options, ask us any questions that come up, and when you're ready, book an appointment to come back for some test rides.


What body measurements do you need, and how do I take them?

We only need your inseam, sternal notch height, arm, and foot length. Taking these measurements at home is easy. View instructions here

How will I know which bike is right for me without trying all the options?

Road testing is important, but there are many factors that determine if a bicycle will suit you in the long term. Why spend time trying bikes that won't ultimately meet your riding style, body, or budget?


We'd rather eliminate those options ahead of time, so that when you come in for test rides, we're ready with a small selection of bikes we know you'll like. All you have to do is decide which one you love!

It's like using a personalized matchmaking service versus speed dating.


But how will YOU know which bikes are right for me?

We're bike nerds! We love bikes, and love getting people on bikes they love, so our approach to is more "scientific process" than "trial-and-error."

We enter your measurements into our bike fit software, which calculates the frame size and geometry that's ideal for your proportions. That data, everything you've told us about what you're looking for, and our years of experience as bicycle matchmakers is all it takes!

Contact us with any further questions about our bikes or shopping from home!

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